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Lancôme Absolue Face Powder
Lancôme Absolue Face Powder $50.40 - $76.00 0 Reviews
Enhance your skin's appearance along with a luminous glow by applying the Absolute face powder. This Lancome smoothing powder is enriched with color clarity technology that hides the imperfections of your face, bringing a natural glow. As per the brand, this Lancome face makeup's exclusive formula calms the skin, and minimizes the tightening and drying effect. The soft and micro-fine texture of this Lancome smoothing powder does not lump or settle into fine lines. The micro sparkles in the Absolute face powder add a mild shimmer to your face, giving a luxurious, even-toned look. Enhance the complexion of your skin, and get a soft, supple skin by applying this Lancome face makeup.
NYX EyeShadow Base Primer
NYX EyeShadow Base Primer $5.79 - $16.39 5.00 Stars
1 Review
To get the maximum brilliant color of eye shadow on your eye, an eye primer is a must! Apply eye shadow base to eyelids, then apply NYXs high-pigmented eye shadows and see the colors pop! Eye shadow base firmly holds the finely-milled powder so the color in the pot is what ends up on your eye without losing a pinch!
Jane Iredale Daytime Kit Eye Shadow
Jane Iredale Daytime Kit Eye Shadow $52.83 - $56.00 0 Reviews
With these versatile makeup kits, you can have that subtle glow for day while making a bold statement at night. They each contain a combination of colors, perfect for those of us who won???t leave the house without eye shadow. The Daytime Eye Shadow Kit???s five colors work together to create beautiful, delicate shading. It contains a new color, Almond, ideal for that daytime glow. The Oyster shade can be used not just for the eyes but for highlighting the top of the cheek bone as well.
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